Welcome to MHPS: Your home away from home. 


You'll find at Southern Methodist University, we do this whole student housing thing a little differently.

Here at SMU, we have 11 Residential Commons in our Commons System; each bring together all the important aspects of college: living, learning, and socializing.

MHPS, like each of the 11 Commons, has developed our own unique pride through our own crest, motto, and spirited traditions.

Leading members who live-in at each of the Commons are a Residential Community Director (RCD), a Faculty-in-Residence (FiR), and a student leadership team comprised of Resident Assistants (RAs), Commons Council officers and members, peer leaders, and more.

MHPS is lucky enough to be the only Commons to also have an Assistant RCD (a grad student)... Reason being that MHPS is the only Commons with 3 separate residence halls. Hence, our official motto is "Tria Ut Unum," meaning "Three as One." Unofficially, our motto is MHPS is the best, obviously!

Let us tell you how MHPS does things differently and how this community will soon become your true home away from home at SMU.



Whether you're moving to campus for the first time or returning to MHPS, find out more information about your home. 

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